Speak against the government and be labelled a terrorist.

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“Let’s not arrest bankers, let’s look over here…you are criminals on the Internet. If you speak against gov you are terrorists.” Says the BBC news.
Yes sadly that’s their opinion. They aren’t liking the hashtag #cameronmustgo on Twitter either. You can tell that they don’t like it because they aren’t reporting it. It’s been top trending for a couple of days now. The British public have no faith at all in cameron. And why should we?
Here’s a short list of the crimes he’s committed so far….
The selling off of the NHS.
The bedroom tax.
The council tax supplement.
Universal credit.
The blatant discrimination of all ill and disabled people.
Taking away the support for independent living. (Soon to come).
Selling the post office to the highest bidder.
The disgusting treatment of our firemen and women.
The criminalisation of being poor.
More child poverty than has ever…

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#justiceforched Need Not Include a Job in Football


Rapist Ched Evans has been released from prison after serving half of his five year sentence and, predictably, there are calls for him to be reinstated at Sheffield United as a player.

Some of those calls come from fans of Evans, who can’t bear the thought of their hero being guilty,

Others, like Judy Finnigan, are just thoughtless.

Finnigan suggested that Evans should be allowed to get his old job back because the rape “wasn’t violent”.

There is a difference between what Evans did and a rape committed by someone using a knife, for example, but both rapes are inherently violent. Rape is a violent act in itself. A longer sentence would be deserved for the knife-wielding rapist, because using a knife would be an extra criminal act. The rape itself is just as serious in both cases.

In fact, Evans’ victim has suffered a great deal, beyond the rape, at the hands of some of Evans’ fans. She has been forced to relocate, with a new identity, because of threats of further rape and violence, including death threats, three times, and there are constant attempts to reveal her new identities on social media.

While it cannot be proved, for now, that Evans is in any way responsible for these threats, he and his friends have done nothing to curb them. They could do so easily, via the website set up to overturn the Evans’ conviction, but they’d rather concentrate on using dubious “evidence” and innuendo.

So, now that Evans has been released from prison, why shouldn’t he be allowed to resume his career? Several commenters have asked if that would be better than him drawing unemployment benefits. That supposes that those are the only alternatives. There are other jobs, as other sex offenders have found out. Teachers, to take just one example, wouldn’t be welcomed back to school if they had to sign the sex offender register.

If he can’t find a job by himself though, maybe he should sign on. Perhaps the Job Centre  could find him a placement where he could work for his benefits. Unlike most of the people on workfare, a more punitive regime than Community Service, Evans is a convicted criminal.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Clutches of Maximus


When Atos walked away from the government contract to run the “fitness for work” tests, or Work Capability Assessments, some thought that things would improve for the many sick and disabled people suffering at their hands. There was never a chance of this government doing the sensible and decent thing, and scrapping the WCA and starting from scratch, but maybe the next company chosen to run these tests might have a bit of integrity.

Not a fucking chance.

The company tipped to succeed Atos, Maximus, has an abysmal record in the USA.

I won’t list any of the examples of this company’s corruption; I don’t need to. Others have done the work for me, so the government cannot claim the information is difficult to find. One useful, but by no means exhaustive, list can be found at Pride’s Purge. Click on that link, and you’ll find a list of just some of Maximus’s lawbreaking.

It’s almost as if the DWP, and Iain Duncan Smith, have deliberately sought out the most criminally-minded company they could find to pick on disabled people.


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Doctor Who and the “Lesbian Kiss”

Doctor-Who2Apparently, Peter Capaldi’s debut episode as the Doctor, “Deep Breath”, attracted some complaints. Not about the writing, though some do think it wasn’t up to much. Certainly not the acting.

No, it was a supposed kiss between Madam Vastra and Jenny. It wasn’t that they were of different species, Vastra being a lizard person from prehistoric Earth and Jenny a human, but that they were both female. Some have suggested that the kiss amounted to porn!

Leaving aside the fact that it wasn’t really a kiss, as such, but a “kiss of life”, how does a kiss equate with pornography? Can we expect complaints about kisses between men and women? Obviously scenes of gratuitous lifesaving should be banned in case children see them and get the idea that saving lives is somehow admirable!

The other thing that’s being used to justify complaints is that the Doctor Who team are pushing a “gay agenda”. I have yet to discover what this agenda is. Though I’m not myself gay, I know a few gay people, and they’ve not been able to enlighten me.

Not many of those that make the claim can tell me either. They tend to go quiet when pressed on the issue!

There are a few people who will tell anyone who will listen that the gay agenda is to make everyone gay, but they tend to get laughed at by anyone with a functioning brain.

The characters of Vastra and Jenny happen to both be female. Aside from the occasional line, usually comic in nature, their relationship can easily be skipped over by younger viewers who may not understand even heterosexual marriages. If they are capable of understanding straight marriages, then they should be able to cope with gay marriage. After all, they’re more likely to hear about those on the news than an episode of Doctor Who, even an episode featuring Vastra and Jenny.

Same sex marriage is a part of modern life, and television programmes should reflect that. People who don’t like modern life probably shouldn’t have televisions.

An Ever Decreasing Spiral of Despair


Esther McVey and Iain Duncan Smith. Do they want more poor people to die?

“Tories discuss stripping benefits claimants who refuse treatment for depression” screamed the Telegraph headline.

This is worrying for so many reasons, I hardly know where to start.

Perhaps with the unnamed “Senior ministers” who “now believe the rules should be reviewed in order to reduce the “huge” numbers of people who are declared unfit for work due to mental health problems. ” I have to wonder what qualifications these politicians hold in the field of mental health. If they think that treating mental illness is so simple, I have to conclude that they are not qualified at all.

Or perhaps I should start by wondering who would provide this “service”. It probably won’t be people’s own GP, as the government don’t trust them enough to take their word above that of ATOS assessors when it comes to the notorious Work Capability Assessment. It may be a similarly incompetent company, leeching money away from the NHS in return for a pseudo- cure. That cure would probably simply be to declare the claimant “fit for work”.

Or it could be job centre “advisors” pronouncing on people’s health, ignoring the claimant’s own doctor’s advice, and just sanctioning people to meet their targets.

Since the proposed “treatments” seem to include prescription drugs, some kind of health professionals with the ability to write prescriptions will likely be involved, but they would need to act professionally, rather than just have some impressive looking letters after their names. Giving antidepressants to people with other medical problems, and with other medication, could be unhelpful, or even dangerous. My doctor is reluctant to give me antidepressants because I also use eye-drops, which could be undermined by taking other drugs. I could end up blind as a result.

Or perhaps it’s enough to point out that threatening to deprive already ill people of their means to survive is going to be stressful, and will only serve to deepen any existing anxiety or depression.

An ever decreasing spiral of misery which some victims will only be able to see an escape from through suicide. It’s already happened to far too many people, and it’s likely to happen to more.



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During a universal credit debate in the House of Commons, the Labour MP, Glenda Jackson, responded to the news that civil Sir Bob Kerslake had informed the Public Accounts Committee that the business case for universal credit had still not been signed off by the Treasury, despite an assurance from DWP minister Esther McVey that it had with:
 “I would hope every member of this House, would be shocked to realise that the DWP is still not giving the right answers – it is ludicrous to expect the right answer to come from the Department of Work and Pensions, as simple humility is not part and parcel of its make-up.
“The committees and government departments that scrutinise where public money goes are being pushed to one side. I have already referred to the bunker mentality of the DWP, and the example that my right hon. Friend gives me is just…

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Loan sharks thank government for abolishing Local Welfare Assistance

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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

All MPs will be receiving this excellent spoof letter next week, highlighting the fact that the main people who are going to benefit from the government’s decision to abolish Local Welfare Assistance, will be loan sharks:

loan sharks thank you letter

MPs will also be receiving pillow cases with the slogan “How do you sleep at night?

For more about the campaign to raise awareness of the impact of cutting Local Welfare Assistance – which funds essential furniture, electrical goods, food, rent deposits etc for vulnerable households at risk of homelessness or going through a crisis – see here.


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