Mr Ratzinger’s coming to visit

The current incumbent of the bishopric of Rome, Joe “the rat” Ratzinger, is going to visit the UK in September. We, apparently, are so thrilled that we are going to pay a fortune for the privilege.  Whoopee!!

It has been inaccurately reported that Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are lying in wait ready to arrest him the moment he arrives. (In fact they are merely looking on with interest while some lawyers investigate the possibility of him being arrested.) Some people think that he can’t be held responsible for the criminal actions of some of his priests, and I would agree, but they are overlooking the fact that he took part in the conspiracy to cover up child abuse in several countries including Britain. The conspiracy is what he should, but won’t, be arrested for. The ConDem government are seeing to that, by making sure the rules won’t apply to Ratzinger.

It seems that avoiding embarrassment is more important than protecting children, for governments as well as religions.


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