Edward the Theist, and Other Dirty Habits.

I sometimes wonder why I bother spending so much time on atheist forums. Then along comes a theist who, though atypical in my real life, is all too common on the internet. Indeed, in some parts of the world these theists are typical in real life. I count myself lucky that almost all the religious folk I know are friendly, kind, decent, live and let live people.

One of the forums I post on, thinkingaloudforum.com/forum , is being infested right now by someone using the name “Edward the Theist”. If you google that name you will find a trail of abuse and filthy manners that even other theists cannot abide.

Sometimes it can be fun to laugh at the nonsense these idiots spout, but even when it stops being fun they need to be shown up as the liars and boors  that they are. Fortunately, unlike the more thoughtful theists, they make that task easy, especially if they are as stupid as Edward. Unfortunately, all the other theists can get tarred with the same brush. Edward doesn’t care about them though. Like some of the most outrageous examples of religious intolerance we see on our televisions, he’s an attention whore. Proving him wrong is, to him, justification that he was right all along. Nevertheless he, and the others like him, still need to be argued with, if only to show other people, whether or not they are religious, how not to behave.


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