Vatican `Surprised’ by Probe’

Oh dear! Poor Ratty!

No sooner than he gets home from a visit to a “third world country” that doesn’t appreciate him than he gets a knock on the door from the local rozzers, wanting to know more about his ill-gotten gains than he’d like to tell.

It’s odd though, that he claims to be the leader of a sovereign state (which is how he came to be on a “state visit” just a few days ago) yet the police who are investigating his affairs are from the “neighbouring state” of Italy!

If even Catholic Italy aren’t showing the undeserved respect that the Vatican has become accustomed to, there’s hope for us all.

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2 responses to “Vatican `Surprised’ by Probe’

  1. Thank you. I shall now pretend I meant it to be funny!


  2. Is this the first time the Vatican has been ‘surprised by probe’ instead of an altar boy being ‘surprised by a vatican probe’?

    Funny title, DaveD


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