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Much as I despise the contents of the “holy” books of all the Abrahamic religions, I do not advocate burning them. Such practices conjure up pictures of horrific fascist regimes who are quite willing to progress to destroying people.The idiots in this video seem to be of that ilk, belonging as they do to the odious “English Defence League“, a far right group concentrating, for the moment, on stirring up hatred for Muslims.

Presumably, the racist nature of this group is the reason for their arrest “on suspicion of inciting racial hatred”.
However, aside from the fact that religion is not a race, I think this is a mistake. They could have been arrested on far less contentious charges, to do with playing with petrol in a public place. Behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace is the minimum offence that could have been applied to this case, but instead there are going to be endless arguments about freedom of expression.
Burning of books is a loathsome practice, but rather than arresting people for destroying their own property, we should simply hold them up to ridicule. Laws can make a positive impact on what is acceptable behaviour, but not if they are used as sledgehammers to crack what are, in the case of the EDL, very tiny nuts.
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