Sit and Spin!

Many people, even atheists, think that religion is harmless and that it doesn’t affect them. In the UK it is often considered impolite to criticise religion, even though laws are made and social changes are begun that affect everybody, based on the superstitions of some. Even a famed peacenik like Gandhi wasn’t immune to making stupid remarks that, if taken seriously by too many people, could have spelled disaster for millions. If enough people had heeded his call to sit around spinning their own cloth, most of India would have starved. In more technologically advanced times and places, laws are enacted that limit the scope and ability of scientists to make medical advances that could save and enhance life for millions of people. They do so on the basis of spurious morality, taken from made-up stories, such as “a human life begins at conception so abortion is murder”, and seek to curtail stem cell research. It is a pity such “pro-lifers” show much less concern for the suffering of those who have actually been born.


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