“Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult”

The morning after Panorama‘s second visit to the subject of Scientology seems an opportune time to revisit a story from a couple of years ago.

The words in the title were written on a sign held up by a 15 year old boy at a protest in London on May 10th 2008. For refusing to take down the sign, he was arrested and the sign was confiscated. This was despite Scientology being called a “corrupt, sinister and dangerous cult” by Mr. Justice Latey. That was in 1985, so the City of London police had plenty of time to read up about it before the demonstration that they knew was to take place. The trouble was Scientologists had already been “grooming” high-ranking police officers with expensive gifts. It is telling that nowhere else in the world was anyone arrested during the co-ordinated protests against Scientology, even in the neighbouring Metropolitan Police area.

The case never got to court.


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