Cherry-picking for God

I think it was Sam Harris who said that moderate theists cherry pick their scriptures, and that he has more respect for fundamentalists who accept their dogma in its entirety.

I can accept the first part of that statement, but is the second part tenable? Don’t fundamentalists also cherry pick? Bryan Fisher, speaking for the American Family Association, says that firefighters who stood idly by watching a house burn down because the homeowner hadn’t paid a $75 fee were right, and they displayed “muscular Christian virtues of individual responsibility” as opposed to the “weakened, feminized version of Christianity” supported by people who actually care about others.

Yet I’m willing to bet that  Fisher is not averse to eating pork or shellfish, wears clothes that contain mixed fibres, and ignores many other of the standing orders in his instruction manual, the bible.

So the question is not whether a theist is a cherry-picker, but what kind of cherries are picked; the kind that reflect kindness, compassion and honesty, or the kind that reflect a desire to bully and control the thoughts and lives of other people.

You won't like him when he's angry!


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