Westboro Bastards Raise Stakes

When members of the Kansas based Westboro Baptist Coven “protested” at a military funeral in Oklahoma last week, it seems somebody slashed the tyres of their van, and none of the local traders felt inclined to help them with repairs as they made their slow exit from the city of McAlester. As they had already been prevented from harassing mourners by several citizens exercising their own right to free speech, and drowning out the venomous chants of the Phelps family, it would not surprise me in the least to discover that they had slashed their own tyres in a vain attempt to garner sympathy.

Whoever slashed the tyres, the coven clearly don’t like being out-protested and wanted revenge for their cool reception. Their emotionally stunted brains have therefore hit on an even more outrageous stunt than protesting at the funerals of America’s honoured war dead – protesting at the funerals of children.

Just to be clear, for anyone who isn’t yet aware of these dregs of humanity, they are not  protesting against the deaths, they are rejoicing in them, and taunting the friends and families of the deceased with the idea that God is punishing America (or anyone else they take a disliking to) for allowing homosexuals to enjoy human rights.

So far, if the reports I’ve seen are correct, they haven’t actually followed up their threat, to protest at the funerals of two Oklahoma girls. Both events seem to have passed without incident, so perhaps the announcement they made on their website (to which I won’t provide a link; visiting that place may give them some of their revenue) was just a juvenile tantrum. I can just imagine Shirley Phelps-Roper, the current spokestrollop of the WBC, stamping her feet in rage after effectively being run out of McAlester!

I hope that’s all it was, and they never follow through with the threat, because if they did I cannot see how violence could be avoided. Sooner or later some parent would, in their distress, lash out at the scum mocking their dead child, and a grieving parent really doesn’t need the extra stress of a court case.

(Click the above image to enlarge it, and see just what heartless bastards the WBC are.)

Oh, and if anyone would like a tasteless and offensive picture with which to annoy the Phelps clan, feel free to use this one:


7 responses to “Westboro Bastards Raise Stakes

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  3. They’re probably looking at the biblical example of Elisha as their “inspiration”. God didn’t bring any bears, so they’re doing the “best” they can.


  4. Btw I don’t blame you for not posting their link. I didn’t post their link on my blog either.


    • Thanks, I worried a little bit about whether it was hypocritical to talk about them without letting them speak for themselves, but then I thought, “screw them!”


  5. Westboro thugs claim they will return here to McAlester, OK on Dec 10th. Seems like they want a 2nd round. They are a crazy bunch.


    • I hope they get a similar reception to last time!
      I disagree with you slightly on one point. I don’t regard them as crazy, they’re nasty and vindictive, bur they know exactly what they’re doing.


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