Westboro Bastards Preciousss Publicity

Another dead child, another grieving family for the Phelps coven to torment.

 As far as I know this “protest” didn’t take place. They did manage, however, to secure radio airtime in Phoenix, Arizona, in a deal to call off the picket. While I understand the motivation of the people at the Christian radio station that made the deal, I think negotiating with these emotional terrorists is a mistake, and I feel sure that the citizens of Tucson would have been capable of drowning out the hateful shrieks of this hateful cabal.   There seem to be no limits to the things they’ll do for publicity. (Indeed, I write this article with some trepidation, small and insignificant though this blog is.)

Publicity is what they really want, and that’s what they’ve now got. They’ll get more publicity from the same  source too, when the funeral of  Judge John Roll, murdered in the same incident, takes place at the same cemetary.


2 responses to “Westboro Bastards Preciousss Publicity

  1. It’s difficult to say which approach is best – shutting them up, or using the same free speech they enjoy to drown them out. Given the USA has that free speech guaranteed, it would make better sense to use that than uncertain legal challenges. It does seem an odd system though, looking in from the outside.


  2. Panagiotes Koutelidakes

    I am honestly glad of the fact that these people would most likely be made illegal on the basis of being a cult and extremist hate-mongers rather than relatively sane as a religion (furthermore, see: psychologically disturbed person).

    However rotten my state is, it still has some measures against some loons.


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