Linux Invasion!

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Linux, so when I needed to install it on an old computer I was keen to look at the various distributions and try them out. The usual method for this is to download an ISO image and burn it onto a CD, but there are so many versions of Linux around that I thought I’d save on CDs and install them on a USB pen drive. With some versions you can do that directly, but others need a third-party program.
That was where things went wrong.

The first version I decided to try was Linux Mint. All went well until I tried to reboot my computer to go back into Windows; all I could get was Linux Mint. I reinstalled Windows; Linux Mint appeared on my monitor. All roads led back to bloody Linux Mint! I can’t even bear to look at a packet of Polo mints now!
In the end I went out and bought some blank CDs, which is what I should have done in the first place. Meanwhile, I’m now running Ubuntu Linux on both machines, and I’m actually beginning to enjoy exploring it. I’m even able to run a few of my Windows programs, using software called Wine.

I hope nobody is put off by my experience. So long as you stick to the CD route it’s completely safe. If only I’d known that before.


3 responses to “Linux Invasion!

  1. Thanks! The loss of almost all my data and the use of most of my Windows software is getting a little less painful now!


  2. I have enjoyed a couple of linux distro’s, but have not been able to get one to boot from a pendrive AND save configuration changes.
    In fact, the only one I was able to get to work booting from USB was called easypeasy, and it was designed (I think) for netbooks.

    Good luck with your explorations, DaveD


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