I’m an Electronic Cigarette “Smoker”! (2 months on)

It’s just over two months since I took up electronic cigarettes instead of the traditional carcinogenic tobacco variety, and I can honestly say I don’t miss the coffin nails one bit. I’m still getting used to the electronic ones, and I screwed up once by taking dead batteries out with me instead of freshly charged ones, and ended up buying ten cigarettes to tide me over until I got home.
They were disgusting! I can’t believe I didn’t think so before!
I now have the option of tobacco flavour, which is still more palatable than the real thing, or a cornucopia of other flavours such as apple, orange, coffee, chocolate, vanilla…..the list is seemingly endless.
Certain parties in America are stridently opposed to flavoured nicotine, fearing that children will be enticed by them into becoming nicotine addicts. The flavours that I have tried, however, have been far too subtle for a child’s palate. I can remember, when I was a child, being given what I was told was orange squash and wondering why I got faintly coloured water instead. Nowadays I actually prefer such drinks to be diluted to that extent. Flavoured nicotine juice would not have appealed to me as a child, and I don’t think it’s a risk to children of today. If they’re going to smoke they won’t care about the taste, and although I cannot easily remember as far back as when I started smoking, I’m pretty sure I didn’t care either.


One response to “I’m an Electronic Cigarette “Smoker”! (2 months on)

  1. Full time e cig smoke here too. The thing I miss the least… the taste! Now I don’t understand how I ever put those things into my mouth. I don’t even like to hold them for other people because they make my fingers stink!

    Congrats on quitting cancer!


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