“Please God, I’m scared of girls!”

Why are so many religious people afraid of women? It seems that to more fundamentalist they are, the more afraid of women they are, such as in the case of ultra-orthodox Jewish newspaper Der Tzitung, based in Brooklyn, New York.

Here’s the original photo of senior White House staff watching live vision of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden:

Here’s Der Tzitung’s version, with Hillary Clinton and counter-terrorism director Audrey Tomason removed:

And to redress the balance a little, here’s my version:

If you’d like to pass this image on, feel free.
Especially in Brooklyn.


7 responses to ““Please God, I’m scared of girls!”

  1. ignorantianescia

    Nice to meet you as well!


  2. No, I’m DaveD on all the forums I’m a member of.

    Good to meet you, all the same!


  3. ignorantianescia

    Well, I think in Stalin’s case it is more a dubious sign of a totalitarian regime than anything else, but it is still petty when atheists are accused of Stalinist crimes (as if it is a collective guilt).

    Btw, are you davedodo from Quodlibeta?


  4. Which makes communism, at least Soviet style spookily similar to a religion, yet atheists still get accused of being responsible for any atrocity committed by communists.


  5. ignorantianescia

    This is actually pretty funny because it is uncanny how similar it is to censoring in the Soviet Union:



  6. What a dishonest bunch of low-life’s. I hope this gets to their readership.


  7. I saw this a few days ago. Utterly pathetic, & despicably dishonest. Altering photos is a journalistic no-no – it’s lying pictorially.


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