The End Is Nigh, apparently

At six o’clock tomorrow evening (Saturday 21st May 2011) some devout Christians expect to be raptured into heaven, leaving heathens like me to die a violent death in about five months time. Another part of the story suggests that there will be a huge electromagnetic pulse accompanying the rapture, so that’s the internet buggered. This could be my last blog post.
This latest “great disappointment in waiting” is the brainchild of Harold Camping, a Christian radio broadcaster and certifiable loony from California. The last time he predicted the apocalypse he admitted that he “could be wrong”, but he hasn’t made any such admission this time, which means that either he’s right this time or he’ll have a lot of explaining to do to his followers who’ve given all their property away (and in at least one case, killed their pets humanely to save them from a worse death in October) on May 22nd.
Tomorrow is also Draw Mohammed Day.
No rest for the wicked!


7 responses to “The End Is Nigh, apparently

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  2. We should offer a service to help the religious zealots find their departing way to whatever deity they worship. Not sure why they’re so obsessed with taking the rest if us with them. Great post.


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  4. What’s most irritating about this is that these loonies tell us that we’re going to a (deserved) eternity of suffering for not agreeing with them, & then have the gall to tell us that laughing at their repeatedly wrong predictions is somehow “offensive”. They need to reevaluate their comprehension of that word.


  5. I can’t WAIT! As I understand it, this will mean no more Christians on earth. Imagine the improvement that will make!


  6. Yep, rolling raptures. It’s almost as if they’re making it up as they go along isn’t it?


  7. Hm. Well. 6 O’clock? What time zone? Is this going to be like World of Warcraft maintenance and rolling restarts? Like, will I have to WAIT to be declared a vile nonbeliever?


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