Roman Catholic SPECTRE

The Roman Catholic Church,through its mouthpiece Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, has been whining to the United Nations that people and governments who disagree with its stance on homosexuality and disallow discrimination against gays are infringing its members’ human rights!
Although he said that the church condemned all violence against people because of their sexual orientation or behaviour he added “but states can and must regulate behaviours, including various sexual behaviours.”
Firstly, why must states regulate behaviours, sexual or otherwise, if those behaviours don’t affect other people?
Secondly, any regulation of behaviour between consenting adults infringes on their human rights. Any punishment arising from such regulation does likewise. Even a financial penalty can escalate, if (quite rightly) not paid, and imprisonment will usually follow. The unjust use of such force is a form of violence.
These childish rants from an increasingly irrelevant organisation invite ridicule, but the fact that some people actually take them seriously is worrying. In parts of Africa, the church encourages, even lobbies for, anti-gay legislation which includes the death penalty.

The double-speak that Vatican officials engage in is worthy of a Bond villain.


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