David Mabus – End of an Era?

For some years now Dennis Markuze has been an increasing nuisance on sceptic, science and atheist forums and websites, usually using the pseudonym David Mabus. I encountered his peculiar, Nostradamus-based nonsense about four years ago, but it seems he’s been ranting on-line for much longer than that. It also seems he’s been more than a mere nuisance, sending death threats and other abuse via emails, twitter, and any other means he could think of that used the internet. Only once has he been known to venture out into the real world to try and intimidate people, and that was such a miserable failure he went back to the anonymity of the web.

Alas for him though, it was too late – his name was now known, along with his appearance and his home town. Surely it wouldn’t be long before he was investigated and, if not imprisoned right away, at least warned off.

Not so. The police in his locality, Montreal, didn’t seem to show an interest, not, that is, until somebody created an on-line petition that automatically sent an email to the Montreal police (SPVM) every time someone signed it. The police were swamped, and issued a plea for people to stop!

The final nail in the coffin of Markuze’s on-line career, however, was delivered by Markuze himself. A Montreal journalist had written about “David Mabus” and received an abusive message in return. He mentioned this on Twitter, and also mentioned the SPVM. Markuze replied to this but, because of the way Twitter is configured, also sent his reply to the SPVM, who suddenly realised what all the fuss had been about!

If you are still not sure what all the fuss had been about, there is an excellent summary to be had by clicking here.

As I write this, Dennis Markuze is being evaluated to see if he’s mentally fit to stand trial.


Update 19th November 2012:

19 responses to “David Mabus – End of an Era?

  1. I can’t help but think that, though jailed, or otherwise institutionalized, this person should not be censored.
    I hope he gets any help he needs, of course. I also hope he doesn’t get any foolish sentencing requirements like ‘must not post on the internet’.
    That PZ fucker is far more offensive to me than someone issuing threats, and I still support his freedom of speech…


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  3. Properly put from an excellent blogger


  4. Now that is some good literature.


  5. Since Ms Whore hasn’t been back, it seems unlikely that she’s Dennis’s mother after all. If he’s anything to go by, the Markuzes are a persistent bunch.


  6. Sorry, “Ms.”


  7. Mrs. I’m a “whore”, don’t leave us hanging like that, we all want to know the details.


  8. I do hope ‘Mabus’ gets some help, a very sad individual


  9. RE: “PZ Myers caused someone’s death too.” – That’s the same inference that a rapist would make when blaming their victim for being too sexy…


  10. Yes he did, in the library, with Mrs. Peacock and the Lead Pipe.


  11. I have it on good authority that he’s wiped out an entire species of crocoduck.

    Well, have you ever seen one in the flesh?


  12. He’s a zebrafish kliller. NOW IT CAN BE TOLD.


  13. Do you have anything, or are you just going to libel PZ repeatedly


  14. I did? Who? This is the first I’ve heard of my lethal influence.


  15. Oh no, it’s bloody Mabus’s mother.


  16. Ms. I'm a "whore"

    Correction: sorry to Mabus as he didn’t cause death. Myers did though.


  17. Ms. I'm a "whore"

    You want the stark truth?

    Mabus *may* have sent ‘death threats’ but PZ Myers caused someone’s death too.


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