Atos Scandal? Which one?

Amidst all the complaints about how Atos, the IT company paid with taxpayer’s money to assess claimants of disability benefits, are doing their job, one criticism is possibly the most worrying, censorship, as without the freedom to raise those other concerns, they will be ignored. The company appears to be on a crusade to shut down any website that raises concerns. A private forum has been taken down, leaving many disabled people and their carers feeling vulnerable and alone. Atos claims to be keen on helping to sort the problem out, but appear loathe to tell the victims of their heavy-handedness what the actual problem is, asserting only that something posted there was libellous, preferring instead to threaten the company hosting the forum with legal action.

Atos claim they are merely protecting their reputation.

What reputation? They are adding fuel to a fire that is already ablaze with anger. Companies (and indeed countries) that engage in this kind of censorship, using bullying to get their way, inevitably lose any goodwill they may have, and gain a reputation for being untrustworthy at best, and downright vicious at worst.

They also leave themselves wide open to parody and satire.


4 responses to “Atos Scandal? Which one?

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