Abort the Amendment!

The abortion of a healthy pregnancy is not a good thing.

There, I’ve said it, so I must be an anti-abortionist, right?


I’m pro-choice. That doesn’t mean I like the idea of abortion. I don’t know anyone who does, including women who’ve had them.

Sometimes though, and more often than you’d think, the alternative to abortion is worse. Leaving aside such obvious examples as rape victims or a pregnancy threatening the life of a woman, a child that is unwanted is at a disadvantage right at the start. In such cases, it would be better if conception hadn’t taken place, but if it has, the earlier the termination, the better.

The amendment to the NHS bill put forward by two MPs, Nadine Dorries and Frank Fields, is problematic for a number of reasons. They purportedly want to provide unbiased counselling to all women considering abortion, claiming that organisations like Marie Stopes and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, both not-for-profit, gain financially from performing abortions, and are therefore untrustworthy. (I’m surprised such a slur hasn’t been challenged legally.)

Fields hasn’t had much to say publicly since the amendment was tabled, but Dorries has. She hasn’t, though, said who these replacement counsellors are to be, claiming that she’s pro-choice herself, and that she’s not hoping for a change in the law on abortion.

Alas, this doesn’t square with some of the shrill nonsense she’s spouted in interviews and on her blog, where she’s recounted a gruesome anecdote about an abortion she attended when she was a nurse. That this story followed the template used by fanatically religious anti-abortionists rang alarm bells with me, and I doubted its veracity immediately. It then emerged that her campaign is being funded by religious zealots from America. Her own pronouncements on religion are alarming too. She claims that God chose her to be an MP, something the Electoral Commission surely ought to look into.

Worse, she seems incapable of presenting her case clearly, preferring to rely on character assassination, most notably of Dr Evan Harris, a former Liberal Democrat frontbench MP, who she has dubbed “Doctor Death”. She claims he is “widely known” by this name, including by other MPs.

Nadine Dorries is not widely known for her honesty.


5 responses to “Abort the Amendment!

  1. @Panagiotes Koutelidakes, (in case this reply ends up in the wrong place!)
    On the contrary, that level of detail is much welcomed, especially by someone like me, who cannot possibly understand what the women you talk about endure. I can only try to empathise, and even second-hand experience can help me do that, so thank you.


  2. I think it would be terrific if everyone could make an effort to embarrass her publicly about her faith-based platform and that American funding source.

    This is a good step in that direction, thanks, DaveD

    Oh, but I wanted to disagree with one thing. I LIKE the idea of abortions. I think people like Dr. Henry Morgentaler are human rights heroes. This power of choice, which is a recent thing with regards to becoming parents, especially for women, has improved our world for everyone.


    • I don’t know any woman who has had an abortion who did so lightly, that’s all I was trying to highlight. So called “pro-lifers” try to present the argument as symmetrical, either pro- or anti-life, which it isn’t.
      Semantics aside, I completely agree with you.


      • Oh, and I’ve edited my post slightly, from “the idea of abortions” to “the idea of abortion”. It’s not much of an edit, but it edges a tiny bit towards what you said.


      • I know a couple of woman who would have had and some who have had an abortion done as “lightly” as one can be done; ironically, women who have every reason to get an abortion done as lightly as humanly possible, namely in cases of rape (as are most I am referring to above) have had to endure enormous counter-activity and reactions from just about everyone. I know many of women who’ve been raped and can be quite clear about this: our bloody society is rotten.

        Though I am pretty sure you are not asking for this sort of detail, my friend, I know, because I have been personally told by them, that many health practicioners have not taken their story to heart, and that they had to do lots of things on their own, even though in a hospital; that they had to endure the contempt of doctors and nurses alike.

        Far too many abortions are not done lightly because the women that need them are feeling the weight of their choice; but because people like Dorries and Palin would prevent them from getting them, if possible.


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