Money to Burn!

It isn’t the abuse of children by Catholic priests that has made people angry, though that is bad enough, but the lengths that the church hierarchy go to (unsuccessfully) avoid bad PR. Yet again, the Catholic church, this time in Kansas City, is being sued, not for allowing the abuse to take place, nor even for the cover up, at least not directly, but for taking revenge on someone who tried to help victims of abuse, and tried to help the church avoid future problems.

Not only has Margaret Mata been ousted from her job, but it is alleged that she has had sensitive information taken from her computer, which was then used to spy on her.

Considering how often the Catholic church loses lawsuits, they must have plenty of money to burn. Of course, they can always count on the sheep to top up the coffers.

Can’t they?


One response to “Money to Burn!

  1. It’s like the NotW scandal – just when you think it’s reached the nadir, & it’s not possible to be angrier or loathe them more, they pull out something worse.


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