Man in White Dress & Man in Black Dress Kissing – Shock! Horror!


Benetton has long been known for controversial advertisements, and the one above, retracted after legal threats from the Vatican,  is no exception.

Of course, it shouldn’t be controversial, and only is because of the hatred of homosexuals propagated by the religions of  both the men pictured.

There’s a bigger failure on the part of the Catholic church, however. They are so stuck in an earlier age, when they could force people to conform, with little resistance, that they haven’t taken account of the internet. This picture, which probably wouldn’t have been noticed by most people if it hadn’t been challenged, is likely to go viral, and be seen by millions.

The Vatican probably thinks it’s scored a victory but, as shown by their pathetic ongoing response to the child abuse scandal within the church, their PR skills need more than a little polishing.


5 responses to “Man in White Dress & Man in Black Dress Kissing – Shock! Horror!

  1. i believe the pic is fake and fabricated and has no reality so no need to talk more about this pic. prove it real !!!


    • I don’t need to prove that the picture is real because it doesn’t matter one little bit whether it is real or fake.Only religious idiots would think that an “accusation” of being gay warrants legal action.
      If you really are upset by that picture then, like the Pope, you’ve shot yourself in the foot. It was yesterday’s news and nobody was talking about it any more, then you had to start whining!


  2. i believe its fake and fabricated pic and has no reality. so no more talk about this pic.


  3. Oh! But it’s “disrespectful”. Planks.


  4. I prefer the obama ones- what a wrinkly old pucker moosh he has……


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