A Liddle Bit of Perspective – The Clarkson Defence

The reaction to Rod Liddle’s venomous attack on the disabled has been largely anger, but I have noticed some comments along the lines of “Well, he’s just like Jeremy Clarkson, don’t take any notice, he’s harmless.”

The trouble is some people will take him seriously. Despite the fact that the publication his remarks were published in is laughable to most intelligent people, it is not deliberately funny.

Even with intended satire, there are those who take it seriously. Warren Mitchell was plagued for years by morons who applauded his character in “Till Death Us Do Part“, Alf Garnett for the bigotry he displayed.

So when somebody who purports to be a serious writer spouts the nonsense that Liddle did, even more people will believe him, and they don’t have to be bigots themselves.

This will, of course, delight the current government, who seem hell bent on dismantling the welfare system.

Modern first-world governments govern by the consent of the governed, but it should be informed consent, not the lies that the ConDems, and lackeys such as Liddle, are peddling.


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