Why Do Pasties Matter?

A tax on hot pasties is a trivial matter compared with, say, the privatisation of the NHS. Over the last few days, the news has been full of stories about “pastytax” and the, admittedly more important (given there has almost been a death as a consequence) panic over a possible fuel tanker drivers’ strike. The poor old NHS hasn’t had much of a look-in.

But then it wouldn’t have anyway. Even before politicians started desperately trying to remember when and where they last ate a pasty, mainstream news was ignoring the NHS.

The government has no mandate to privatise our health service, and that alone should be enough to persuade people that this government is thoroughly disreputable, but if the facts are being withheld from them, how can they reach this obvious conclusion.

So when ministers provoke panic-buying of fuel, at least a week ahead of a possible strike, people are going to notice, when the fuss dies down, how dishonest, or at best incompetent, this government really is. Add the “pastytax” to the mix, and they just look silly.

With any luck, it’ll be a nail in the coffin of the coalition of toffs.

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