April Fools

April Fools Day must have seemed to the government the ideal time to announce its intention to take its “Communications Capabilities Development Plan” to Parliament. They might be justified in thinking that everyone would assume it was an April Fools joke. (Part of me thinks it might be but, like everything this government has done so far, it’s not really funny, however laughable it might be.)

The authorities can already monitor and intercept communications from or to people under suspicion, so long as they obtain a warrant, but they want to spy on everyone even if they have no reason to suspect them. They still wouldn’t be able to see the contents of emails etc., but they’d be able to see every site you visited, and every email address you were in contact with.

This was deemed unacceptable to both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in 2006, when they were in opposition. Suddenly both parties support it, though, hopefully, not all of their MPs.

You can click here to add your name to the growing number of people who disapprove of this measure.


…or the official epetition here.

4 responses to “April Fools

  1. I was honestly shocked at the news earlier today over the radio.


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