Reverend Cameron

I have stated many times, both here on this blog and elsewhere, that the overwhelming majority of Christians (and other religious people) that I know personally are good, kind and decent people, or at least aspire to be, whatever faults and foibles they might, like everyone else, be burdened with.

I sometimes wonder, when I make vitriolic pictures like the one above, whether I am being a little unfair. David Cameron probably doesn’t regard himself as an ogre, and I’m sure his friends and family think he’s a nice chap too.

Then I note the ongoing privatisation of the NHS, the continuing assault on disabled people and the rewarding of his rich friends for being rich with more riches, and I think to myself, “why should I care about millionaire Dave, he doesn’t give a shit about me?”

His priorities do seem to have shifted slightly of late though; he appears to want to bring religion firmly back into British politics.

For a few years now, some Christians have been complaining, loudly, that they are being sidelined, and prevented from expressing their views in public. The irony that the rest of us have to hear their pathetic whines escapes them, of course. It may be that Cameron is pandering to this group, in the politicians endless pursuit of votes.

Or he may be disconcerted by actual churchmen in the Church of England pouring scorn on his government as it penalises the weak and vulnerable, so he’s decided to invent a moral high ground for he and his cronies to inhabit.

Most worrying of all, he may actually believe the nonsense he spouts, and he’s paving the way for American style evangelism to take root over here.

My God, he’s going to privatise Christianity!

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