When Charlatans Attack!

Francine Scrayen, pictured above leaving the inquest of her victim,  Penelope Dingle, is very angry that a blogger, Dan Buzzard, has written about her despicable role in the death of her “patient”. So angry that she engaged a lawyer to send a cease and desist letter (or in layman terms, a threat) to Dan.

There’s nothing new about that tactic of course. When Rhys Morgan blogged about the Burzynski Clinic’s quackery, he too was threatened with legal action. That threat appears to have fizzled out, partly because of the backlash from people around the world who supported Rhys, and partly because the Burzynski Clinic had no case.

Scrayen too is pissing against the wind if she thinks her complaint has merit. The coroner at Penelope Dingle’s inquest was far more scathing than any blogger has been. The report is here in its entirety, but the part relevant to Scrayen begins on page 40.

Anyway, I don’t know why she’s so upset. According to her own homoeopathic principles, wherein water retains the memory of an active ingredient however much it’s diluted, her reputation must be at its peak, so shredded has it been by her, in my opinion, criminal behaviour.

4 responses to “When Charlatans Attack!

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  3. As I often do, I am keeping a list of responses at Dan Buzzard Writes the Facts; Homeopath Francine Scrayen Threatens With the Law. I’ve added this post to the list.


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