Free the Bexley One!

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve arrived late to this party. If Bexley Council have their way, the party is, in fact, over and all that is left to do is to empty the ashtrays and clear up any broken glasses.

They must fervently hope that one of those broken glasses is a blogger known as Sir Olly, who is one of many who write about the misdeeds and corruption that seems rife in Bexley Council.

Sir Olly is facing a custodial sentence after being found guilty on Friday of…well, I’m not entirely sure. Bexley Council introduced so much bullshit into the case, including demonstrable lies, such as accusing Olly of harassment through his non-existent posts on another blog, Bexley is Bonkers, that it’s difficult to see what legal case they had. They were certainly upset about the criticism they received, including one of them being called a cunt, but that word has long ago lost its sting, at least legally.

Another councillor’s house was photographed, and the picture published, leading to the accusation that Olly had put the councillor and his family at risk, but his address was already a matter of public record and nobody would have known it was his house unless they already knew his address.

What the entire case seems to boil down to is that Bexley Council think they have some sort of “divine right” to rule their subjects, without any fear of being brought to account for their actions. It didn’t even seem to matter to them that much whether he was found guilty, so long as he was punished, as this letter, taken from Olly’s website, ably demonstrates:

Notice particularly the underlined words.

What a bunch of cunts.

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