BBC News – Atos Approved?

It has become a tradition in Britain for political parties to accuse the BBC of bias whenever they are put under the pressure of scrutiny. It rarely turns out to be true, if ever, but today I, and many other people, noticed something that seems to give the idea some credibility.
It was a story about a protest in London against welfare cuts for disabled people. The Guardian’s website had the headline “Disability rights protesters bring Trafalgar Square traffic to a standstill“.

It would be inconceivable that the Beeb wouldn’t cover the story, wouldn’t it? Surely they’d lead with it, since it was in the capital. If a sparrow farts in London, it’s a more important story than anything that happens elsewhere.

I watched the BBC news, and I searched the BBC news website. Not a whisper.

Could it be that the BBC’s IT partners would be upset if the story broke? They are the ones who are being paid exorbitant amounts of money to make those welfare cuts, after all.

Edit: Thanks to the commenter “IfIMay” for the link to the BBC’s NewsWatch. If you feel strongly about this issue, please add your voice. Try and be polite though, as difficult as that may be!


9 responses to “BBC News – Atos Approved?

  1. Attacking those with disabilities …. It seems removing benefits will stop the disabled just ‘festering’ (Iain Dimwit Smiths words).
    How it helps them to walk again or stops the spread of a terminal condition he doesn’t explain. He is a true follower of Satan.
    Just how embittered this man is by his own political failings is astounding. When his wife died he has 6 months off to care for her, al-right for some.


  2. Contact Newswatch, lets see if their is even more bias, it does not take too many letters of complaint on a subject to get it on the programme. Let Mr Snoody, ask a few questions…

    Complaints form here:


  3. I have to agree with others there are protests around the houses of parliament every day, the BBC are more interested in International news than what is going on within this country.

    Are they afraid that if they cover events around London that are anti-government that the government will remove the TV license and force them to take adverts like the other channels, then again maybe not because while they rake in a license fee the government can pull their strings


  4. There are protests in London literally every day. When I was younger and first visited the city I was surprised that they didn’t cover a protest about Tibet. The next time i visited there was a protest from Serbian nationals, every day there’s a protest of some sort there. They can’t report every single one. It’s sad when the cause is important to you but it’s very difficult to be noticed.


  5. Then there’s the BBC’s almost complete silence on opposition to NHS ‘reforms’ until they were safely through parliament. Something’s going on – I’ve never seen such an obvious disregard for huge news stories at the beeb before.


  6. Thanks for this I too have been scouring bbc websites for coverage. Shame on them!


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