Justice For Ched’s Victim!

"Wish you were here!"

Victims of rape and sexual assault are guaranteed anonymity for life. Some crybabies on Twitter, using the hashtag  “#JusticeForChed“, upset that footballer Ched Evans was convicted of rape, decided for themselves to remove that anonymity. No doubt they’ll be even more upset when the police come to arrest them.

This is just one example of the venom directed at the victim (I’ve obscured the names, though it’s probably too late):

I don’t know why Evans’ conviction upsets them so much. Some are probably fans, others may well think that rape victims deserve whatever they get. They say Evans’ victim is “well known for sleeping around”. I don’t know if that’s even true, but if it is, so what? Who she has sex with is still her choice.

There are certainly some women who cry rape when no crime has been committed. If there weren’t there wouldn’t be a need for trials. One of the reasons for a false accusation is financial gain, either directly from the alleged rapist in the form of blackmail, or from selling the story to the media. Neither of these scenarios seems to apply in Evans’ case, yet his supporters are keen to label his victim a “money-grabbing slag”. If she does sell her story, and it’s not a response to being named and humiliated against her will, then they’ll have a valid argument. Unless that happens, they’re just being abusive, not just to the woman in this case, but to all rape victims.

Edited to add: As for the word slag, being bandied about on Twitter, as MarkC reminds me in the comments below, “There would never be any circumstance in which someone using this term of abuse would ever have a valid argument, since it is based on a false and misogynist premise.”

Evans may appeal against his conviction, and it’s possible he’ll win his appeal, but if he does it doesn’t change the fact that many of his supporters are appalling misogynists. What’s even sadder is that that includes many women.


19 responses to “Justice For Ched’s Victim!

  1. Has your point of view changed now , you stated above your assumption of his guilt was likely accurate based on his conviction , still think that ?? feel like an idiot ?


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  4. You seem to see yourself as some kind of an athiest, the term “godless heathen” is misleading Heathens are pagan and not godless.

    just a point

    If you are going to act like the “grammar police” be aware that when using i you need to spell it with a capital I

    again just a point

    The term slag is defined as, An individual who cares not for relationships beyond the realm of the sexual, these people sleep with many partners not caring about anything save for the moment of climax. e.g. someone who sleeps around.

    Seeing as you yourself blogged ” I don’t know if that’s even true, but if it is, so what? Who she has sex with is still her choice.”

    the term “slag” used by someone that knows her and what she gets up to may be accurate based on its definition.

    To label most of CE’s supporters women haters is just nonsense, people including women around the country (but particularly Rhyl) want justice for the lad.

    The only thing I can agree with you on is that she should not have been named on twitter and should not be getting threats, neither should she have been tweeting to friends and joking after the sentence was announced, you would have thought under the circumstances she would have wanted to keep a low profile


  5. DaveD

    you seem dissapointed that you have not had more “cry babies” on your blog.

    A little immature dont ya think, why do you feel the need to debate this issue, where you in court for the course of the trial and did you hear all the evidence ? Do you know the parties involved , their characters and histories.

    If not what makes you think you are in a position to judge someone.

    The majority of the people in Rhyl that know both people support Ched Evans, even to a complete fukwit like you that must amount to something.

    You call yourself “A GODLESS HEATHEN” you also raise cats and probably play dungeons and dragons, the nearest thing you have ever come to a girlfirend needs to be resuscitated by a foot pump. You are petending to be cool, anyone fool can see the pretence.

    My advice until you actually know whats going on in a situation like this keep your opinions to yourself, play with your cats, blog about cupcakes.


    • What is the matter with thick twats like you? Didn’t you learn to read properly? Evans might win his appeal, AS i HAVE STATED. In the meantime, naming the woman involved is ILLEGAL, as are the threats and abuse aimed at her. The best you loonies can hope for is that the prosecution won’t regard that abuse as a conspiracy to pervert justice. If Evans or his family can be shown to know anyone involved, that may well be raised at his appeal. With friends like you, he certainly doesn’t need enemies.
      As for your pathetic attacks on me, water off a duck’s back. Keyboard warrior’s like you, especially ones that can’t spell, have absolutely no impact.


  6. Hey, Blades, I know it’s a proud moment for old folks when a woman doesn’t scream for help, but the new standard is that they have to actually BE willing, and SAY SO.


  7. So you are dissapointed that you did not get more “cy babies” responding, what a mature person you must be.

    Lets be honest he would not be the first innocent man sent to prison, just wondering if when he gets released on appeal wankers like you will apologise.

    Its a case you know next to nothing about yet you feel qualified to comment.

    Stick to petting your cats, probably the only pussy you get.


    • Learn to read, you fuckwit. I’m not one of the people who says Evans is definitely guilty (though I’m justified in thinking it likely, given that he was CONVICTED OF RAPE). My concern is the illegal activity on Twitter and blogs, naming and threatening the victim, which will still be a crime if Evans wins his appeal.


  8. She was “moaning & groaning like she was enjoying it”. She wasn`t calling “Rape” or “help”.. God knows why this ever came to trial. It was three libertines enjoying theirselves. Shame that the Law – under pressure from women`s groups and feminists – has allowed sensationalism to deny the reality.
    All young men should now get their intended ” victim ” to sign some kind of ” pre-nup ” before they get their cocks out.
    The law really is an ass for allowing these professional women`s groups to get in the way of youngsters having fun exploring their sexuality. As a 55 year old I implore the judiciary to get some balls and dismiss this shit as youngsters having fun.

    P.S. If a 19 year old lass came onto me, I would not complain – promise.


  9. jse, how much would you charge to let me fuck you MY way? Any way I want, I mean?

    Don’t tell us, just keep that figure in your head. Now, if I simply raped you, rather than asking you to name a price, would the price be the same?

    If your price changed, can we call you money-grubbing?


  10. Actually, there would still be a need for trials even if there were no false accusations, simply because of the possibility. In this regard I think your logic is a little bit flawed.

    Similarly, because the victim has already been outed, it would be impossible now to judge, if she did sell her story, whether she was doing so as a response to being outed, or not. In any case, it wouldn’t make her ‘money-grabbing’, since that would presuppose that she got raped in order to make money, when by definition, being raped is not a choice.

    I am also a little bit bothered by the credence you seem give to the term ‘slag’. There would never be any circumstance in which someone using this term of abuse would ever have a valid argument, since it is based on a false and misogynist premise.


    • Thanks Mark, for a sensible and considered response.
      Your first point is fair, and I think I should have written something like “little need”.
      Your second point I already addressed, but admit I could have been clearer, and again I agree. The people who are accusing the woman (who I still won’t name, in the hope that the damage can be limited) have no argument, because she didn’t “out” herself. Even if she had, and they had an argument, that wouldn’t have made them right.
      Your third point is something I simply overlooked (which I’ve now fixed). I shouldn’t post in anger!


      • Cheers Dave. Another point that seems pertinent to some of the abuse I’ve seen on Twitter is that some people seem to think that a not-guilty verdict equates to a false accusation. In fact, this isn’t so. It’s like that old saying: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. A not-guilty verdict can happen for lots of reasons, but given the difficulties inherent in rape trials, and the burden of proof required, it is actually less likely to be because the accusation was false than because either the jury believed in rape myths or because there was reasonable doubt. A case will only get to court in the first place if there is considered to be a greater than 50% chance of conviction. If there’s doubt (and there very often is), the jury have to find not-guilty, but by definition, one cannot then claim that it was a false accusation, by virtue of the level of doubt. Over-estimating the (extremely low) prevalence of false accusations is not only flawed, but also very damaging to victims past present and future.


      • I had considered making that point, but couldn’t think of the best way to phrase it. I may just copy/paste what you’ve written, if thats OK!


  11. Just the one crybaby commenting? I am disappointed.


  12. she already got 15k from the courts numbnuts


    • So that makes her money-grabbing?

      Let me make this all the more explicit: do you believe that a women who is a rape victim does not have the right to get some sort of compensation, at least for therapy, possibly abortion, in case she got pregnant (it happens) and so on and so forth? Or, plainly and simply, because she has the right to get some compensation anyway (like all victims of crimes)?

      For pitty’s sake…


      • I don’t think those who are most loudly supporting Evans know what pity is, especially the ones who have named and abused her. Their behaviour is shameful.


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