Justice For Ched’s Supporters!

"Wish you were here!"

“Wish you were here?” Some of Ched Evans’ supporters could find themselves behind bars too.

Ched Evans will have his appeal, and it’s possible he will win, but the activity of some of his supporters has been appalling, even if he is acquitted.

I can understand his family and friends standing by him, but the “#justiceforched” hashtag on Twitter has, whether or not it was originally intended, been an attempt to subvert justice by intimidation, chiefly of the victim. Some idiots even posted links to Facebook and Twitter profiles of someone with the same surname, asking whether that person was related to “the slut”.

Evans’ appeal might consist of an examination of the transcript of the trial, or it could be a full rehearing, in which case naming the victim is an even more serious matter.

One or two people have said that they aren’t bothered by the prospect of prosecution, because they’ve heard that it’s “only a £5000 fine, which I haven’t got, so good luck with that”.

Well yes, that’s probably true, if the charge is just for revealing the victim’s name. (That’s leaving aside the possible escalation of charges for failure to pay the fine.)

However, one person has already been arrested for “malicious communication” and, as far as I can ascertain, he isn’t the worst culprit. Malicious communication can be punished with imprisonment, in most cases 6 months, in the case of a sustained attack, 5 years.

I have been very careful to remove the victim’s name from any screenshots, as well as other names that might help to trace hers, It’s probably too late, but it’s still a criminal offence and besides, it’s just plain wrong. Others, including Sky News, have not been as careful, and may face prosecution.

It is those who heaped abuse on the victim, calling her such things as “slut” and “slag”, as well as deliberately and repeatedly using her name, who should be most worried.

Update 1st May: Nine more arrests.

Update 9th May: The plot thickens.

9 responses to “Justice For Ched’s Supporters!

  1. It’s a shame he did something like that because he was a great player


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  3. The case is about anonymity in rape allegations for defendants. I have no time for name calling L.C.


    • The case is absolutely not about anonymity in rape allegations for defendants. That is a red herring, as Evans has already been found guilty in a court of law.
      Anonymity for defendants is the excuse several people have used to vilify a rape victim and, by extension, all rape victims.


      • Int Officer 1st Bn East Tyrone PIRA.

        Indeed but Evans was subject to publicity (as Assange is) before any verdict. My point is valid, as is news that Dominic Grieve will be forced into a humiliating climb down.


  4. Maybe she will be able to sue sky eh.
    All about the cash see.


  5. you two lovers really need to get a room


  6. There’s one or two too stupid to stop, but mostly it’s quietened down, with a lot of people just adding the #justiceforched hashtag to ordinary tweets.
    I’m not sure where they’d go next anyway; #justiceforched on ice?


  7. I wonder if those naming her and cheering for Ched will continue? Or if they will scurry away like the criminals they are…
    If this was some people taking a civil disobedience type of stand against an unfair ruling and practice, their courage should have them continue. If they stop now, obviously they knew they were in the wrong to begin with.


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