Iain Duncan Smith – The Quiet Bigot

When Iain Duncan Smith announced plans to close Remploy factories and put 1,518 disabled people out of work, that was bad enough.

When it became clear that the decision was at least partly based on malicious gossip, that the Remploy employees just sat around all day drinking coffee, that was worse. Any fool, even a politician, could see what a stupid thing that was to say, even if it had been true, which it wasn’t. A decent human being would, at the very least, apologise.

Liam Byrne, Yesterday the shadow work and pensions secretary, Liam Byrne, called on Smith to do just that, but there was not a hint of remorse.

The government’s attack on the most vulnerable in society continues apace and Iain Duncan Smith, for the time being, is its mascot.



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