Syrian Massacre of the Innocents – Please Watch If You Can

When I was about 10 or 11, my mother insisted I should watch footage of the Nazi concentration camps, filmed after liberation, when it appeared on television. She didn’t force me to watch, but said that everyone should if they could.

Horrifying as that footage was, of emaciated figures, some dead, some alive, and some that couldn’t be said to be either with any certainty, I think my mum was right. We should all know what the statistics bandied around after such atrocities actually mean, and we should all be horrified, and condemn the perpetrators.

The idea is to try and stop such things happening again, but of course they will, and of course they have, time and again. We should still try though, so please, if you can, watch this video.

4 responses to “Syrian Massacre of the Innocents – Please Watch If You Can

  1. I think bloggers need to unite all over the web to discuss the nature of power. There are two kinds of power – political and spiritual. Political power is about coercing. Political power resides in position and money. It is not related to goodness or wisdom. (Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled). What can each blogger do today to lessen the suffering we see in the world today? Our words can bring relief or cause pain. One blogger at a time, we can change the way the world thinks. How do we teach ourselves and other to problem solve with total awareness?


  2. Nick Lindsley

    “The idea [showing footage of emaciated Jews in death camps] is to try and stop such things happening again..”

    I have wondered about that for a long time. If that were true then, generally, Jews would be more reactive when such events occur. There is a wealth of Jewish newspaper publications since the end of WW2 and it would be revealing to see how much Pol Pot, for example, featured in those publications. Before, during, and after.

    A simple name count, Hitler v Pol Pot, would tell just how reactive people are. So would an appearance on page one.

    My hunch, at best, is very minimal reaction.

    This is predicated on the idea that Hitler and Pol Pot are morally equivalent. That is something else I question. Pol Pot frightens me more, if anything.


  3. We must never stop spreading this video around the world. This is unforgivable…and we will not forgive the execution of 49 children under 10 years old as of May 30, 2012.


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