Eric Pickles – “Everything Is Everyone Else’s Fault!

There was already a shortage of jobs, yet our myopic government is pushing for more and more people to be put on compulsory (though confusingly termed voluntary) placements for no money bar their meagre welfare benefits, and for more convicted criminals to do underpaid work in prison, undercutting workers on the outside, and putting their jobs at risk.

Yet Eric Pickles thinks troubled families, that is families who meet five of the seven following criteria should be treated harshly, and even stigmatised:

  • having a low income
  • no one in the family who is working
  • poor housing
  • parents who have no qualifications
  • where the mother has a mental health problem
  • one parent has a long-standing illness or disability
  • where the family is unable to afford basics, including food and clothes.

I’ve long been of the opinion that the Tory party, with a few honourable exceptions, are a bunch of selfish, vicious bastards, but they seem less and less bothered about covering that up with every day, and more and more contemptuous of anyone who isn’t as well off as them.

And if they don’t like people shifting the blame onto others, why are they so ready to do so themselves?

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