Here Be Monsters!

There are still dinosaurs alive today. They are called birds. Birds evolved from a branch of theropods, and are an excellent example of evolution.

Of course, creationists don’t agree, simply because they don’t want to, and no amount of evidence will change their minds.

They do agree, though, that dinosaurs still live, and they insist that this proves that evolution is false. Not for them the carefully accumulated evidence gathered over centuries, however. No, far more compelling for them are myths and legends  which, if you think about it, are where they derive their entire world view.

The particular loonies who are, astonishingly, promoting this idea are the Florida based Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). One particular myth that they’ve latched on to, and teach as fact, is that of the Loch Ness Monster

The legend of Nessie is no longer taken very seriously by even the most gullible Briton and, despite hordes of “Nessie hunters” over many years descending on the shores of Loch Ness, no evidence has been put forward. The occasional photo that is supposed to be Nessie is invariably grainy, dark and indistinct. Yet ACE are teaching it as fact.

The temptation is to regard this as an American problem, since ACE is basedin America, but they have their claws embedded in the UK too, with around fifty schools teaching the ACE curriculum. I’ve met some pupils from one such school, and I shudder to remember the encounter. They were polite enough; in fact, they were polite to the point of insolence. If you’ve ever read  The Midwich Cuckoos (or seen either of the films based on it), you’ll know what I mean.

Just because ignorance has a smiling face, don’t think it won’t stab you in the guts the first chance it gets.

And if all that’s not enough, the ACE curriculum enthusiastically supports all manner of bigotry, including racism and homophobia.*

8 responses to “Here Be Monsters!

  1. Oh dear. Someone hasn’t done their research and is taking part of the ACE curriculum completely out of context. I want to see some proof of these theropods as they evolved into birds… where are the fossils of these ‘in between’ birds my friend? All in all why are you trying to ‘change our minds’ with your ‘evidence’. At the end of the day we are loving life and have a relationship (whether you think that is real or not) with the God who created us. Pretty sure we are not bothered what anyone else believes and only would like them to believe so they can be enjoying life and experiencing as much joy as we are.


  2. For the sake of libel avoidance, it isn’t ACE that enthusiastically supports the KKK. The quotation that’s doing the rounds on that subject is from Bob Jones University Press, one of ACE’s equally fundamentalist competitors.

    ACE has, at times, enthusiastically supported apartheid, however. Thanks for linking to my blog.


  3. If you need proof that you brits are as gullible as anyone on this side of the pond, you need only look to NHS-funded homeopathy. True, you have been protected from religious stupidity (somehow), but the ignorance shines through in other areas.


    • Oh, I don’t need any proof ! People in different countries are gullible about different things at different times. Still just as many gulls, wherever they happen to live.


  4. I fear that ignorance in the voting booths in November could yield a believer in the White House. If that thought doesn’t get out the vote, we’re on our way to the bottom of the civilized world.

    Just sayin’…


    • In the UK we seem to have gone in the opposite direction for some years, but I fear that has made us complacent. Creationists have made serious inroads into our education system, so I don’t think we’ll be very far behind the USA.
      I keep seeing the words “only in America” on various on-line forums when something stupid is being discussed. Dangerously short-sighted.


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