The Law Isn’t Always an Ass

A 17 year old man has been arrested for sending the following tweet to Tom Daley, whose father recently died due to cancer, after Daley failed to win an Olympic medal.

He later apologised profusely, so the arrest was very heavy-handed.

At least, that’s what much of the mainstream media would have us believe.

I was all ready to post the above, but thought I’d better have a look round on the internet, to see if there was more to the story. Almost immediately I found this page.

Click on that link, and you’ll find that the apology was not at all sincere, that the abuse for which the arrest was made was sustained, and rather nastier than the original tweet, and if you look in the comments you’ll find links to screenshots that show that this person has form, including this one:

So it’s worth remembering that the stories behind the headlines are often more complicated than those headlines alone convey’

Journalists (and editors) should remember that too.

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