Welcome To The Collective

You Will Be Pharyngulated

I had hoped that the nuisance that is Pharyngula, along with PZ Myers, would just fade into the background, where they belong.

Unfortunately, Myers and his PZombies appear to subscribe the the idea that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

When the blogger Thunderf00t , having been invited to FreeThoughtBlogs, was summarily banned for the heinous crime of having a different opinion, there was much derision and abuse. Few people noticed, so the PZombies decided to redouble their efforts.

Someone at  FreeThoughtBlogs, either through neglect or incompetence, failed to properly remove Thunderf00t from their mailing list, so he was privy to some rather sensitive information. That information concerned a conspiracy to get another “subversive person” (to borrow a term from another cult) fired from his job. Naturally Thunderf00t did what any decent person would do and alerted the target.

Now there are calls for Thunderf00t to be “drummed out of the community” and accusations, without evidence, of hacking.

Pharyngula has become a religion as odious as any it presumes to criticise. If they get any worse, they’ll start to make David Mabus look rational.


3 responses to “Welcome To The Collective

  1. Wow! Thanks, DaveD!
    I think what Hitchins said about freedom of speech is quite relevant here.

    I had seen it before, but it was a well-spent 20 minutes.


  2. As I have said before, they banned me for my username. I tend to side with freedom of speech.
    I had some friends make a forum which makes efforts to support free speech. It’s mindromp.com It’s small, but like here, you can call yourself ‘Cunt’ or anything else you like.


    • …the link to which is over on the right hand side of this page (unless you’re using a mobile device, in which case it could be anywhere!) It’s under “Forums”, fourth one down.


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