International Blasphemy Day


I was trying to think of something suitable for International Blasphemy Day, something suitably blasphemous, but a better idea occurred to me when I saw this story, an illustration of the stupidity of blasphemy laws.

I remember when the album, Jesus Christ Superstar, was first released, and checking it against the Gospels. Everything in the musical is in the book, though there are some bits of the book that aren’t in the book, obviously since different parts of the book contradict each other.

So some Christians are objecting to a faithful version of their story set to music, and this shows why blasphemy laws are such a bad idea.

Not only are atheists going to be caught by them, and members of religions other than the one applying the law, but if you like a style of music that isn’t approved by those in charge you could still be in trouble, even if you are of the “right” religion. As for the various sub-divisions of the various religions……

I expect that some people will be offended by my picture, if they see it, and would like their sensibilities protected by law.

They should be careful what they wish for.

2 responses to “International Blasphemy Day

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  2. Here is my contribution: A drawing of the prophet Mohommad (piss be upon him), supine, in ascii. (I wont post the one with him banging his wife because I don’t want your lovely blog shut down over pedophelia images)


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