Atos Fraud


When Atos tendered their bid for the contract to assess disabled people for the forthcoming “Personal Independence Payment”, which is to replace disability living allowance, they claimed they would be working closely with disabled people’s organisations. The organisations they named, including Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People, Disability Cornwall and ecdp, say they know nothing of this.

As this claim was instrumental in Atos’s success in winning the bid, worth £540 million, it represents an enormous fraud. That figure, by the way, is greater than the DWP’s own estimate of disability benefit fraud.

Atos have claimed that they made a mistake.If claimants makes mistakes, they  will be penalised.

What’s the betting we’ll see a double standard here, with Cameron & co standing up for their rich buddies, while disabled people continue to suffer and die at Atos’s hands?


Source: click here.



3 responses to “Atos Fraud

  1. G wiz. I am not looking forward to this new system and yet, what resistance might we offer?


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