Back of the Class, Mr Gove!


“Michael Gove has written to all state school heads in England, urging them to take “robust” action against teachers involved in industrial action, and dock their pay, in a move described by Labour as putting the government on a “war footing” with the teaching profession” says the Guardian today.

Dock their pay? If they are on strike, they won’t be paid. That’s a feature of being on strike that hasn’t changed since Gove was on a picket line in 1989-90.

Perhaps he means the work to rule that the teachers are already engaged in. If that is the case, then docking their wages would be a breach of contract. Working to rule means working exactly to contract, not being in breach of it. It is refusing to do any extra, unpaid, work. It is a withdrawal of goodwill, for which the teachers are already not being paid.

The most likely reason for Gove’s letter, assuming he’s not a complete idiot, is not to persuade head teachers to dock wages, but to escalate the work to rule into an all-out strike. Once the public, or at least those who are parents, are inconvenienced, the teachers will lose any sympathy.

Perhaps Gove isn’t such a dunce, after all. It’s difficult to tell, he plays the part so well.



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