The #wowpetition – Please Sign!

Fighting the War on Welfare!


Regular readers might have notice that I’ve taken to putting Twitter hashtags in my blog post titles. The last one was #justiceforched, and was only partly meant to raise awareness of the subject, people trying to claim somebody must be innocent of rape because he is famous. I also wanted to take the piss out of those idiots.

On this occasion it’s purely awareness raising, so that the Wow (War on Welfare) petition gets as many signatures as possible.

If you think that taking money from people who can least afford it while giving more money to the already wealthy is wrong, and if you live in the UK, please nip over to, and click on “Sign It!” Fill in the required fields and, after clicking “Sign this petition”, look for the confirmation email which should be sent to your inbox (but which might be in your spam/junk folder). Once you’ve clicked on the link in that email, you’ve signed the petition.

There’s no argument that the benefits system can’t be improved. The argument is that it’s being destroyed, mainly by the use of lies and dodgy statistics.

The families with four generations who have never worked, though much cited by government ministers, don’t seem to exist, and the disabled people magically “cured” by Atos telling them they are fit for work are winning their appeals in record numbers, despite the enormous delays to those appeals.

Even if you are “able-bodied”, with no health problems that would make getting a job difficult, there aren’t enough jobs, especially when applicants are undercut by people being forced to work for nothing more than Job Seeker’s Allowance.

The ConDem government seems hell bent on making themselves and their friends richer on the backs of those less well off. They want to make it easier to sack employees, so please don’t think you are immune from their baleful ministrations just because you have a job. It could easily be you soon, being labelled a shirker.

Please sign the Wow petition!

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