Eye Eye! What’s Going On?

Regular and observant readers of this blog might have noticed a few posts in recent months without pictures, or with pictures recycled from earlier posts, and I think I should explain, now that (I hope!) the drama is over.

I mentioned in October that I had been rushed to hospital with acute glaucoma, but that I had got there in time to save my eyesight in my left eye. Alas, though my sight was no longer in danger, because I was regularly attending hospital for check-ups, the pressure in my eye wouldn’t stay down, and the consultant decided I needed an operation to remove the lens and replace it with an artificial one.

This was all very alarming, and the discomfort was such that looking at a computer monitor for long enough to do one of my pictures was painful.

I’m not, however, writing this to garner sympathy.

I was nervous about the operation because, well, it’s THE EYE! The mere thought of being prodded in the eye with surgical instruments made me queasy, and I can’t imagine that I’m alone in that.

So, in the unlikely event that one of my readers has to have a similar operation, let me just say what an absolute piece of cake it was. The reassuring noises made by the medical staff could, after all, be believed. (You only have to be fooled once by the words “this won’t hurt a bit” to be distrustful!) The most painful part was the anaesthetic injection in the cheek just below the eye, but that was far less painful that the needle at the dentist. By the end of the operation I was on the verge of falling asleep.

The first night trying to sleep was a bit uncomfortable, like having conjunctivitis, but that soon passed.

There’s a possibility that I might have to have another operation but, if I do, I won’t be as scared. I’ll just be disappointed that I won’t be able to do many pictures for a while.

And all this care is on the NHS! Without it I would probably be blind by now.

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