Bullies Being Bullied?

Bullies are usually the first to complain that they are being “picked on”.

Imagine if somebody, upset by the words of a few people who happened to be black, made disparaging remarks about all black people. If someone else chimed in to agree with them, and to heap more abuse on black people, that person would be, quite rightly, labelled a racist. If black people were to complain, most people would agree with them.

So why should Transsexual people be assumed to be fair game? Or anyone else for that matter.

I still haven’t seen the original piece by Suzanne Moore which started the latest Twitterstorm, so I won’t comment on that nor, for the moment, will I make any judgement about Moore herself.

I have seen a follow-up article by Moore’s friend Julie Burchill, and it’s sickening.

Even worse, it hasn’t been published by a rag like the Daily Mail but, incredibly, by the Observer. I wasn’t sure if I should put a link to the article here, but you’re all grown-ups, so you can choose whether or not to read it. Click here, but have a bucket ready.

Burchill complains that Moore was “being monstered on Twitter, to the extent that she had quit it, for supposedly picking on a minority – transsexuals.”

Whatever the rights and wrongs of Moore’s piece – and, I repeat, I haven’t seen it yet – Burchill makes sweepingly disparaging remarks about Transsexual people. Has she never heard the adage “two wrongs don’t make a right”, or has she just forgotten it? Phrases like “women – real and imagined” pepper Burchill’s rambling diatribe, so it’s hardly a focussed rebuttal to a few people on Twitter, but out and out bigotry.

At one point Burchill writes “To my mind – I have given cool-headed consideration to the matter – a gaggle of transsexuals telling Suzanne Moore how to write looks a lot like how I’d imagine the Black and White Minstrels telling Usain Bolt how to run would look.

I haven’t seen anyone tell Moore how to write (though that could have happened, Twitter feeds can be fast moving). What I’ve seen people complaining about is what, not how, she wrote.

I don’t understand what it means to be Transsexual, or gay, or black, or any number of aspects of a person that automaticallyputs them at a disadvantage in society.

I do, however, know what is to be human. Burchill and her ilk would do well to take a refresher course on that subject.


5 responses to “Bullies Being Bullied?

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  2. OK, final comment: apparently, she doesn’t realize (surprise…) that people who identify as women don’t do so “just because;” which is exactly what she comes across to me, what with parallels like the chutzpah one.

    It’s nowhere near the same as putting yourself in a nasty situation and then complaining for being in it; the problems transwomen face (in this case) are not because they take the effort to go post-op and then suffer from it, but a direct consequence of them being treated badly because they self-identify as women and because everything they do thereafter in regard to that is put under the microscope most obscenely and even challenged so wrongly by articles like hers, obviously.

    The harassment transwomen face can significantly exceed most women’s.


  3. Also, apparently she has no notion of what “cis” is all about. Or, if she does, is doing it for the giggles, like a lot of other nasty stuff.


  4. I quote: “a bunch of dicks in chicks’ clothing.” So classic! So chic!

    Am I to assume this somehow ties in with the subject of men telling women not to talk, or is it just me seeing things there? Furthermore, isn’t it ironic in turn, considering she sub-titled her article thus: “It’s never a good idea for those who feel oppressed to start bullying others in turn” just as well?


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