I’m an Electronic Cigarette “Smoker” – 2 Years On (almost)


The ecig community is growing!

Strictly speaking, my 2 year anniversary of switching to electronic cigarettes isn’t until next month, but so much has happened since my last post on the subject, I couldn’t wail until then.
When I switched, the only source for ecigs where I live, Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, was on-line or mail order (and finding an address or phone number was difficult, so on-line it was!)
A few months ago, not only did some tobacco outlets start selling ecigs, albeit in a limited way, but two dedicated ecig vendors set up their stalls.
The first one sells “ Crystal Clear Vapours” products, and this is the system I’ve settled on. It is the “eGo” battery, with a “Clearomiser” which you fill with the e-liquid that they also sell. The first ecigs I bought came from Mirage, an excellent company with good customer service which I still recommend, and this system is compatible to their “Eros” range.


A few weeks later, another vendor set up, selling “JAC Vapour” cigarettes, a product that looks much like a real cigarette, and which works automatically without having to press a button, as the other one does. For some people, a “cigalike” can help overcome an initial psychological hurdle. I no longer need that, but the JAC stystem is also refillable, as opposed to requiring the purchase of new cartridges so, had I not already decided on the “eGo” system, I probably would have gone for this one. For some people, a “cigalike” can help overcome an initial psychological hurdle.
(They have also now started selling the eGo cigarettes with the clearomiser.)


Both these vendors will let potential customers give their product a try, and neither tries to push anyone into buying, so if you are a smoker in the area, I can heartily recommend a visit to both.

It’s not just locally that the profile of ecigs has been raised. Here’s a television advertisement, for an ecig I’ve not tried, so I can’t comment on its quality. It’s good news, nevertheless, that more people will be made aware of a real alternative to smoking.

3 responses to “I’m an Electronic Cigarette “Smoker” – 2 Years On (almost)

  1. First time reader here and you’re quite the writer. Think I’ll gonna check your other posts. Thanks 🙂


  2. Habit of Smoking is very easy to grab but really hard to leave..! I personally feel that! I have all the old school knowledge of bad things caused by it…but still Im doing this..But wait! Let me complete! Im smoking e-cigarette! Oh ! What I say! Its mind boggling! I got full freedom to smoke without any harm! Lets go for one more puff! Of course THUMBS UP to e-cigarette… hats off..


  3. Hi Dave, my names tanya i use to live in shotton, i bought the very first electronic cigarette to be sold in a shop they opened in shotton, i was thier very first customer and from the minute i bought the product iv not had one single ciggy.
    Its a totally amazeing product that has improved my life enormously, i tried patches, spray, chewing gum, every thing you can think of to try to give up even attending a smoking group yet nothing worked for me untill this shop opened in shotton.
    Iv recommended the product to many many people over the last year since id given up, hopefully to improve many other peoples lives as it has done for me.
    I was a fourty a day smoker so as you can imagine i throught i was going to find it so difficult even with useing this product yet i was amazed how easy i found it to convert myself.
    Anyway dave id highly recomment anyone that wants to improve thier lives and well being to seriously consider buying one, the staff in the shotton shop were extremely helpful they explained every thing i needed to know and they even took the time time to give me a demonstration on the product also allowed me to try a few flavours out before buying.
    Thier customer service in this shotton shop was outstanding, they made sure i understood how to use the product before i left the shop i was really impressed, id not had one cigarette since the very first time i used it, its so easy to use , easy to maintain, much cheaper than buying cigarettes, there is no more endless coughing, no more yellow fingers witch you get with smoking plus you can use it almost any where and most importantly there is no more terrible tobacco smell.
    A fantastic product.
    Reguards Tanya


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