Cameron’s Folly?


I don’t trust David Cameron, nor any of his government. I suspect that his support for same-sex marriage rights, which was overwhelmingly voted for yesterday in the House of Commons, is some cynical ploy, perhaps an attempt to “detoxify the brand” of his party. If so, it could backfire, as many in his party will hate him for it.

Nevertheless, it was the right thing to do.

There were, of course, some bigots opposing the bill, some quoting scripture, some (usually divorced at least once) complaining that gay weddings would destroy the sanctity of marriage, and one even using the “it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” line (though he managed to fluff it, and got it the wrong way round! A Freudian slip, perhaps?)

The “defenders of traditional marriage” might want to reconsider:


I was impressed however, though not wholly surprised, to hear many Christians speak up in favour of the bill, often using scripture themselves. If the House of Commons is at all representative of opinion in the wider community, those Christians back up what I’ve often said, that most people, of whatever religion (or none) are decent and compassionate, and will always try to do the right thing.

Enough of them did just that yesterday. If only politicians would do so more often.


One response to “Cameron’s Folly?

  1. It has oft enough been stated that it’s not religion in and of itself that is that source upon which immoral dicta have been based; but rather that the form and interpretation which it will receive is usually the result of said prior dicta.


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