#IDS – Evil or Incompetent? Or Both?


Iain Duncan Smith is so determined to force his reforms through that he loses his temper whenever he is contradicted. He appeared on television on Sunday to declare that he wouldn’t back down over workfare, and that the appeal judges decision in the Cait Reilly case was “foolish”. He also repeated several slurs about Cait herself, slurs which might damage her job prospects. So much for “helping people into work”.

An important element of his plans is the “Universal Jobmatch” website, that jobseekers may “choose” to use (at risk of losing their benefits if they decline) to search for a job.

Ther have already been problems with UJ, with jobs in the sex industry being advertised, contrary to the site’s own terms & conditions*:

10.3 You agree not to advertise the following types of jobs on this site:

10.3.1 jobs for sexual services or seeking employees for jobs of a sexual nature. Any jobs placed within the adult entertainment industry must only be for the purposes of a) selling, manufacturing and distributing of adult entertainment products b) Ancillary staff e.g. cleaners and bar staff and c) jobs must display the age requirement of 18 or over. No other adult entertainment jobs will be accepted;

There is another clause, straight after that one:

10.3.2 jobs for franchise, pyramid scheme, “club membership”, distributorship, or multi-level marketing opportunities, or sales representative agency arrangements;

This covers, among others, the likes of Avon and Kleeneze, companies that use agents, self-employed, to distribute catalogues and place and deliver orders for customers. Yet UJ is accepting job adverts from them (if the writing is too small, click the image to see it enlarged):

Directgov jobs and skills search   Job details

Not only are these companies advertising on UJ when they shouldn’t be, but those adverts are being promoted by Job Centres on Twitter. Here’s one such tweet, which links (at the time of witing) to the page shown above:

1  Twitter   Search   universal jobmatch

This is either incompetence, or yet another trap for the underprivileged, like the advice by government ministers to sublet a room in a council house to make up the shortfall caused by the bedroom tax, despite the same government passing a law to make it a criminal offence to do so (in addition to it being in contravention of the tenancy agreement).

*For more examples, it’s well worth following the diligent @davesmith40uk who, since I first posted this, has noted that “Late on 18/02/13 T&C on Universal Jobmatch Site were changed to a shortened form only relevant to jobseekers

So the parts I quoted above are no longer there. I wonder why?



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