#IDS – “Respect My Authoritah!”


Not content with labelling appeal judges that disagree with him as “foolish“, Iain Duncan Smith has decided that he will undermine the courts by introducing new law that nullifies any judgement he doesn’t like.

The regulations about what is commonly known as “workfare” were deemed illegal last month, so he hurriedly introduced new ones. People who were, therefore, wrongly sanctioned by the DWP for not complying with the illegal regulations should have expected to get the money that was wrongly stopped, but IDS has other ideas. He’s planning a new law to make his bad regulations good in retrospect, so his illegal decisions in the past weren’t illegal after all.

Meanwhile, his lackey at the DWP, Mark Hoban, is doing a bit of undermining of his own, this time of the democratic process. It is normal for interested parties to be allowed to meet ministers when there are controversial changes to law and, to this end, Michael Meacher MP arranged for the Spartacus group to send a delegation to meet Hoban. Hoban has, however, declined to meet them, and even refused to speak to Meacher.

Another DWP lackey, Esther McVey, refuses to apologise for misleading the House of Commons over supposed exemptions to the notorious “bedroom tax”.


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