So the Tory led coalition, aided and abetted by the Liberal Democrats, has brought in changes to the welfare state, putting lives at risk, either from the effects of poverty, as people on benefits (including many in work) see their income slashed and their expenses soar, or from the lack of healthcare, as the National Health Service is picked apart for selling to vultures who include members of the cabinet.
Meanwhile, in a few days, most of that same cabinet will be giving themselves a huge tax cut. though why  Iain Duncan Smith needs so much money is a mystery, since he claims he could live on £53 a week if he had to.

“We’re all in it together.”

The purported reason for slashing benefits is to “make work pay”, yet now the government has floated the idea of freezing, or even cutting, the minimum wage. Obviously, if they still maintain that they want to “make work pay”, they’ll want to cut benefits even more, to make sure those without jobs suffer even more than those with. Given Iain Duncan Smith’s fondness for a mediaeval style Christianity, he’ll probably want to get rid of the welfare system altogether, and replace it with the giving of alms. Many Conservative voters would probably agree.

At least until they hit upon hard times themselves.


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