Daily Mail Bigots Reach New Low


How stupid are the idiots at the Daily Mail?
Their front page today branded everyone on benefits as murderers, suggesting that welfare makes the crime inevitable.

Even if their readership is gullible enough to believe that (and I dare say some of them are), why would it matter to them if the victims of the killing (manslaughter, as it happens, but murder in the eyes of a Mail devotee), were themselves “products of the welfare state”, as much as their parents anyway. Did they deserve to die then?

Of course not, the whole thing was utter bollocks, an opportunistic jab at anyone who unfortunate enough to rely on benefits.

If I was as stupid and insensitive as a Daily Mail editor, I could claim that an excess of money leads to homicide, as in the case of Ian Workman. The Mail missed that connection when they reported on his case. I wonder why?

Mail journalists often express indignation at being characterised as Nazi sympathisers, just because the paper’s owner Harold Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere, was a good friend of Adolf Hitler, and often praise him for his “great and superhuman” work.

If those journos object to such crude generalisations, they should refrain from making them themselves.


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