“We’re All Thatcherites Now”


“We’re all Thatcherites now” said David Cameron, just before the massive state-funded party political broadcast that was Thatcher’s funeral.

Nick Clegg tried to distance himself from that sentiment, citing apartheid and gay rights as crucial differences. Cameron has led the call in the House of Commons for allowing gay marriage and, I’m fairly sure, isn’t trying to promote apartheid on the grounds of skin colour. Apartheid between the haves and the have-nots, here in Britain, is much more to his taste, and everything the Tories do to that end is being supported by the Liberal Democrats, even if it goes against LibDem policy. (The “Mansion Tax” springs to mind.)

If Clegg, and the Liberal Democrats, want to distance themselves from the Conservative Party, the best way to do so is to vote against them in Parliament.

In particular, a vote to dissolve the most divisive government since Thatcher’s would be welcomed throughout the country, even by many members of the two parties that make up the coalition.

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