The Atos Protests

Did you hear about the nationwide protests against Atos, and the Work Capability Assessments they carry out? Wasn’t it great? What, you didn’t know anything about it? I wonder why. Perhaps you get your news from the BBC which, for all the Tories’ accusations of left-wing bias, is becoming more and more like Britain’s version of Fox “News” every day.


The protests did happen though, and they were reported, but mainly by local newspapers, and by bloggers.
Here are some links to a few of those blog reports:

That’s just a fraction of the posts on one blogging platform, WordPress. Pity the Beeb don’t feel the concerns of so many licence fee payers are worth mentioning. Perhaps there was something more pressing to report, like a celebrity losing weight, or a royal personage meeting someone ordinary.

4 responses to “The Atos Protests

  1. For all the complaints of Tories, they are right in one thing. The BBC is the British equivalent of MSNBC (if you want a Fox News equivalent try the Sun)


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