Atos On The Run


No doubt most of you will have heard that Atos are attempting to abandon the contract with the DWP that saw them lying about disabled people in Work Capability Assessments to enable the department to take away their benefits. You may also have heard that Atos are trying to distance themselves from the bad publicity they’ve been getting as thousands of people have died as a result of their experiences with Atos, some by their own hand when they couldn’t cope with the added stress.


Atos’s first stratagem was to change the brand name to OHAssist. They thought nobody would notice! Of course, the news travelled across the internet quickly, so they tried something else – silence the critics.

Then they said that they wanted out of their contract because they were protecting their staff from violence and death threats, allegedly around 170 a day, but couldn’t give any examples even of reports to the police, pretending that they were not willing to violate their staff’s anonymity.

Now they’re trying to silence any opposition. Two Facebook groups, the Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights and ATOS Miracles, have been sent this message by Atos/OHAssist:

“We ask kindly that you remove this page as it incites hatred towards our staff and members. Thank you.”

They may have asked “kindly” but, the “request” is based on a lie. Neither group incites hatred, they merely report on the iniquities perpetrated by Atos. Of course, some of the people commenting on posts on the pages might be intemperate, but if that’s a reason to take the pages down, then all news websites should remove the facility to comment, or be shut down.

They are now claiming that OHAssist is not connected to Atos, despite doing so on a site with the Atos name on it. (See the links below for more details.) They just can’t stop themselves from lying!


If Atos/OHAssist don’t like people saying bad things about them, they should stop doing bad things.



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